Bowls SA Club of the Year 2018/19



Well we have finished the kitchen and BBQ area but we are not stopping there. We are now completely revamping our toilets.


Well not sure where the
mens toilets have gone.
They used to be here.

Looks like they went that way.

I suppose we could use this as a sand pit

I think I have got this right. Really hope so otherwise we will really be in the poo.

OK Now we know who to
blame if the new toilets don’t work.

Looks like the floor is being laid.

I hope there is more to come.
They look like they would be hard to balance on.

Well what’s the point of new toilets if you can’t use them?

I hope there is more to come
because I think a little privacy is required .


BBQ Area

The first of the BBQ steel
structures being delivered.
They could have picked a better day.




Unloading the steel structures
Steady now don’t drop them.
Look at the water on the greens. Its like a lake.


OK lets make sure we have
all the bits and pieces that we should have




Well the suns shining
so we better make a start.
No time for a smoko yet.


Can someone check to
make sure that this beam is level.




Hey almost up. Didn’t
think we could do it did you.


Getting closer




Well there you go up and standing. Now for the finishing touches.
Watch this space for more details.


Kitchen Area

I hope they know what they are
doing as John appears to be a little worried




OK it looks like all the bits are going together correctly.


  Well just as everything was
taking shape someone has pinched the stove



At last the finished product


The grand opening of the kitchen and BBQ area

Open4 Open3







Open2 Open1



Kitchen Before and After pdf