Bowls SA Club of the Year 2018/19

Pennant Teams

Wednesday Round 8.

Umpire: S Coultas
Measurer: D Trigg, J Whelan

Division 1 Beaumont (Home) VS Port Noarlunga (Away)

Side Manager:
J Whelan
Division 1 Beaumont
Current Position: 9th
Last Week: 88-124
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5
Lead A Beltrame L Beltrame J Forrest P White M Dring
Second M Molnar D Trigg
Third G Short R Kent J Bohner I Campbell
Skipper N Kirby J Elwin J Whelan B Ormston S Coultas
Reserves B King J Binks-Williams
Duty rink marked in red

Division 3 East Beaumont (Away) VS Clarence Gdns (Home)

Side Manager:
B King
Division 3 East Beaumont
Current Position: 7th
Last Week: 67-142
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5
Lead J Wills B Davies C Nance G Wator I Williams
Second B Swinton M Leaker
Third R Williams R Field P Fitch J Binks-Williams
Skipper T Pointon S Neal T Myles B King T Myles
Reserves H Melbourne R Anderson
Duty rink marked in red

Division 4 East Beaumont Red (Home) VS Kensington White (Away)

Side Manager:
G Langsford
Division 4 East Beaumont Red
Current Position: 6th
Last Week: 84-36
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Lead D Inglis B Purdie V Birt
Second L Glynn G Jackson D Witt
Third H Melbourne R Anderson R Warhurst
Skipper G Langsford A Roff R Pope
Reserves J Jamieson P Moorfield
Duty rink marked in red

Division 4 East Beaumont White (Away) VS Trinity Gdns White (Home)

Side Manager:
J Feetham
Division 4 East Beaumont White
Current Position: 11th
Last Week: 36-84
Team 1 Team 2 Team3
Lead J Jamieson J Feetham C Lake
Second P Moorfield F Cufone D Gribble
THird B Fisher P Baldwinson N Martin
Skipper B Molloy G Wales C Griscti
Reserves R Warhurst
Duty rink marked in red


Date Div 1 Results Div 3 East Results Div 4 East Red Results Div 4 East White Results
Oct 13th Adelaide 100-108 Hawthorn 99-98 Adelaide Oval 53-54 Trinity Gdns Red 54-81
Oct 20th Happy Valley 96-119 Toorak 109-114 Kensington Blue 58-64 Hope Valley Blue 66-57
Oct 27th Modbury 89-88 Prospect 104-102 Trinity Gdns White 84.38 Kensington White 36-76
Nov 3rd Club Holdfast 79-119 Payneham 101-90 Trinnity Gdns Red 43-67 Kensington Red 53-61
Nov 10th Tranmere 91-99 Tranmere 68-120 Modbury White 55-74 Adelaide Oval 50-61
Nov 17th Woodville 99-130 Millswood 111-89 Hope Valley Blue 59-56 Payneham 34-95
Nov 24th West Lakes 88-124 Hope Valley 69-142 Beaumont White 84-36 Beaumont Red 36-84
Dec 1st Port Noarlunga 109-105 Clarence Gdns 126-90 Kensington White 58-67 Trinity Gdns White 42-89
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