Bowls SA Club of the Year 2018/19

Social Bowls


The format for social bowls will be the same as last season. It will be a handicapped pairs competition. Players can nominate as an individual or a pair. The handicap will be based on your experience/expertise as a bowler. Pennant bowlers will receive a handicap based on which division they played in last season and social bowlers will be given the biggest handicap.

The more experienced bowlers will have the challenge to score more points within 11 ends and our less experienced can win against better players.

New bowlers will be most welcome.

Cost is $8 per person and dress is casual with the usual flat soled shoes. Club bowls are available and weekly nomination forms will be on the communication ledge in the bar area.

Players will need to indicate their interest the day before the game and it is easy for the organisers if players are in pairs, but they understand that this is not always possible. If you sign on as an individual the organisers will match you up with another individual. Triples may need to be organised for some depending on the numbers.

Wednesday Bowls will commence on April 14.

Saturday Bowls will commence on April 17.

Competition Details

1. Please be at the club before midday as games will commence no later than 12. 15pm. If you are late you will miss a few ends and your partner won’t be happy!  A bell will toll to indicate start of play.

2. There will not be a roll up on the first end as players will be able to practice on their nominated green before the game. This means both players have paid their $8 and collected their card before they can practice.

3. Each person has been given a score indicating their handicap with bowlers in the top level being given 0, Division 5 players 1, Division 6 Red being given 3 points, Division 6 White players have been given 4 and Division 7 players 5 or non-pennant players who are beginners 6. Player’s numbers will be added together to allocate the handicap for that pair.

4. To start with each pair will pick up their card which will have their name and handicap at the top. After the first end has been completed players will add their handicap to the result in the first lot of boxes eg if your handicap is 7 and you win the first end by 1 you will write 8 in your first box. Your opposition will write in their handicap in the first box also but will not add anymore because they lost the first end. The handicap sheet will be placed on the window in the bar area.

5. There will be 11 ends for both games. As usual winners will proceed to the nominated winner’s rink and the losers to the nominated loser’s rink.

6. There will be a break and biscuits and coffee/tea will be available at no extra cost.

7. At the end of the afternoon winners and winners of the losers will both be awarded a prize.

8. There will be a walk of shame if you do a wrong bias and a gold coin donation to Legacy.

In the first instance we may not get all the handicaps correct. If you feel that your handicap is too high etc. please see John Binks-Williams. He will be the only committee member receiving feedback.