Bowls SA Club of the Year 2018/19


Thursday Night Dinners

Well our first Thursday night dinner will be on October 1st

Service is between 6pm and last orders at 8pm

You can book for the following times pm , 6:00pm, 6.30pm, 7:00pm 7.30pm  and 8pm.

Please enter your preferred time on the on-line booking form below

The menu is as follows

Chicken or Beef Schnitzel   $18
Prawn and Avocado salad  $20
Salmon Patties                        $18
Battered Flathead                  $18
T -Bone Steak                          $20
Hamburger                               $16
Choice of gravies:- Plain, Mushroom or Pepper
All meals served with salad and chips.
A dessert special also will be available.

Thursday Dinners Flyer

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