Bowls SA Club of the Year 2018/19


Vision Statement

To be a well-respected, highly successful, inclusive and competitive community bowling club
To provide an environment that meets the needs of our members and that of the community

Our Values

To be a friendly and welcoming family bowling club
To be inclusive and provide a social atmosphere with events for all to enjoy
Ensure sportsman like behaviour and practice bowling etiquette at all times
Strive to maximise the number of pennant teams in finals
Provide encouraging and efficient coaching for all levels
Promote bowling as a sport for all to enjoy whether pennant, social or night owls
Encourage and recognise volunteers
Make our venue available for local community use
Treat everyone with respect and understanding
Spend/invest wisely in line with our objectives
Create a safe environment

Bowls SA Policies

Advice on Bowls Stickers
Artificial Devices Policy Feb 2019
Damage to Greens Updated Nov 2017
Heat and Inclement Weather Policy
No Smoking Policy Nov 2017
Uniform Policy Nov 2017

Beaumont Bowling Club Policies

Smoke Free Policy Aug 2022
Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy Aug 2022
Work Health & Safety Policy Aug 2022
Code of Conduct Policy Aug 2022
Strategic Plan 2018/22.
Business Plan 2017/18.

Rules for Club Championships 2017/18
Risk Management Policy July 2017

Beaumont Bowling Club Constitution May 2021